July 29, 2006

CONLAMIC Declares Support for Stem Cell Research

Washington, DC –The National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC), the largest Latino Clergy advocacy organization in the nation announced their support of embryonic stem cell research. “We applaud efforts of Senator Bill Frist for making this issue not only one for the research community but one for the United States Senate,” said Reverend Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC. “Embryonic stem cell research needs strict ethical safeguards and for this we must have the federal government’s involvement not only to create these safeguards but also to protect them.”

CONLAMIC supports the use of federal funds to advance embryonic stem cell research. “While we advocate life at conception and do not support abortion, we believe there are sufficient theological grounds to support stem cell research per the legislative initiatives that will be brought forward on Monday in the Senate, when considering the scientific benefits with such great live-saving potential.” said Reverend Rivera. CONLAMIC believes this research will potentially improve the health of the many who suffer from disease in the United States without the destruction of life in the process. CONLAMIC supports H.R. 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, S.3504, the Fetus Farming Prohibition Act; and S.2754 the Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act.

CONLAMIC’s affiliates united in support of embryonic stem cell research conducted under strict ethical guidelines, the prohibition of fetal farming, and the exploration of adult stem cell research. “This is a moral choice that can hold the key to saving lives and to our nation’s medical progress and we urge President Bush not to veto this legislation.” proclaimed Reverend Rivera.

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