September 09, 2010

CONLAMIC Leaders Denounces Burning of the Quran

Washington, DC- The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) CONDEMNS and REBUKES the burning of the most sacred book of the Muslim faith, THE QURAN.

The largest Latino christian churches advocacy organization in the country, is also calling all evangelical denominations to condemn what is being called, "the worst example of religious bigotry with a diabolical intention to polarize further all faith communities against the Christian Faith".

"Pastor Terry Jones is acting under a diabolical influence only happening among those that are neophytes about the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and profound Theological Faith principles.

Evangelical Denominations cannot be silent and should come forward condemning this act of heresy and violent example of hate, bigotry and intolerance", says the Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman of the Board of Directors.

CONLAMIC Directors are calling all Latino christian evangelical churches to pray and show respect to all fellow muslims believers which are ending their Ramadan religious atonement days of fasting and praying.

"Burning the Quran is not freedom of expression, but an act of vengeance duly required to be condemn.

It will harm all the efforts made to work together on behalf of traditional family values, religious liberty and against hate crimes because of religious extremism", says also the Reverend Luis Lopez, CONLAMIC South-Eastern Regional Vice-President from Orlando FL.

"We hope that somehow, all legal efforts are stepping forward at the local and federal level to stop this insanity and radical act discrimination against the Muslim faith.

Reverend Jones is an outrageous and extremist person who does not not represents the American Evangelical Faith Church Leaders nor the faith and constitutional principles of the American people.

We will be praying that this abhorrent and sacrilegious intentions will not go forward on such a solemn date as September 11th.

"The families of those who lost loved ones on that day in 2001 doesn't deserve to be reminded of so much hate while yet grieving," concluded the Reverend Rivera.

September 03, 2010

CONLAMIC Statement on Illegal Immigration New Reduced Numbers

WASHINGTON, DC - The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) issues the following statement regarding the Pew Hispanic Research Report on Unauthorized Immigration Flows Down Sharply.

"A reduction on the undocumented immigrant community was expected due to various factors; a weak economy, a sharp increase on deportations and a wrong nationalistic approach to immigration reform.

The main question that thousands of undocumented immigrants are asking themselves today is; "how they knew about us?", affirms the Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman.

CONLAMIC called for a Census 2010 Boycott, due to the fact that without legalization, enumeration is an unnecessary exposed risk that turns itself to be the worst evidence against the undocumented immigrant community itself.

"Anti immigrant laws passed in Oklahoma, Georgia, Arizona and Virginia, are the results of tangible evidence census reports, used by those elected officials who take ill advantage of such a sensitive and polarizing issue, using the undocumented immigrant population as a pawn for self- political benefit.

Asking the undocumented immigrants (only) members of our churches not to answer any census, was a matter of principle and reading the Pew Hispanic Center report and how the undocumented immigrant population is been determined, confirmed our concerns.

It is worst to know that, Congress will not do something about Comprehensive Immigration Reform for years to come and thousands more of our brethren, are at risk to become part of the new economic COMMODITY in Wall Street; an undocumented immigrant detained client, which is developing to become a great business investment on private detention centers around the nation", concluded the Reverend Rivera.

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May 28, 2010


Dear Colleagues;

The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) Board of Directors wish to express a word of gratitude for the privilege of inviting us to participate at this historic event.

I have instructed Dr. Carlos Galindo CONLAMIC-Arizona State Coordinator, to be present on my behalf. Previous meetings engagements in Texas, deprives me to come to Arizona at this time.

As you all know by now, our attorneys filed the first complaint against Arizona State Law SB-1070.

Over 300 local churches and Pastors in Arizona, required from us to move quickly on their behalf.

CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund has a young but proven tract record, with previous experiences in Riverside NJ, Oklahoma (against Oklahoma State Law HB-1804) and Georgia.

We welcome other similar efforts in Arizona, by MALDEF and ACLU.

I commend the National Congreso Latino for taking the lead on such a matter of grave importance; IMMIGRANT JUSTICE!

Achieving Comprehensive Immigration Reform is our primary goal. Making such happen, needs a bold strategic and grass roots oriented approach. CONLAMIC 30,000 Latino evangelical churches are ready and fired-up.

It is our understanding that strong divisions among the Democratic Congressional Leaders and a wrong political approach by the White House, harmed irreparably a CIR effort for the next two to ten years.

Midterm elections will not help to move further with such a complex and sensitive issue.

As per our advisers, a specific targeted legislative efforts agenda to stop present laws from further implementation (REAL ID ACT, 287-G etc.) Is our best chance to seek remedy.

Advocating for the DREAM ACT and reauthorizing of 245-I could bring excellent results, in the meantime.

Returning also to a Temporary Workers Status Visas for all 11.6 million undocumented immigrants (renewable every two years, without exiting the country) is also a more doable legislative approach for members of Congress.

Further Civil Disobedience actions are not welcomed at this time. The anti-Latino immigration sentiment is to strong to combat expecting public opinion.

Legal efforts such as constitutional declaration lawsuits and racial profiling requests for further federal investigations could bring financial pressure to those States and Municipalities that are fooling around with the issue for political purposes.

Legislative Voting Records should be exposed publicly to empower all constituents about members of Congress political rationale and make them accountable.

Peaceful rallies and inter-faith prayer vigils are encouraged and CONLAMIC churches will support further.

My prayers are on behalf of the success of this Summit and once again, thanks for asking the Latino evangelical church to come forward and be part of this historic event.

May 03, 2010

CONLAMIC: National Latino Evangelical Leaders Cautiously Welcome Senators Schumer and Menendez Comprehensive Immigration Draft

WASHINGTON, DC - The National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) cautiously welcomes Senators Schumer, Menendez and Reid announcement on comprehensive immigration reform.

"Its only a draft, there is no bill yet but at least somebody is taking a lead on this issue and that only, arouses hope in the hearts of millions of undocumented immigrants who are waiting in the shadows and legal limbo," said Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman of the Board of Directors.

CONLAMIC sent previously last year a letter to Senator Charles Schumer, expressing concerns about the bio-metric identification card, a component included as a requirement to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

"We expect that such requirement will stall any CIR legislative efforts in Courts. That alone means more years to come even after Congress passing CIR,"saiding Reverend Rivera.

CONLAMIC Board of Directors prefers an expansion of the E-Verify program, making it mandatory for all employers to comply.

"Once a comprehensive immigration legalization process is in place and people come forward, registering themselves can verify the status of those who apply for a job without any concern at all because no one will be illegal then.

We are praying and in the meantime, fighting in Court against Arizona and will do the same against any other States, should they take the same anti-immigrant racial profiling sanctioning route.

But Congress needs to stop talking and start acting without further delay,"concluded Reverend Rivera.

May 02, 2010

Latino Evangelicals Call for New Activism!

By Reverend Miguel Rivera

Today, thousands of Americans around the country marched with pride and commitment in support of legalization and freedom for millions of immigrant families, relatives and friends who live in the United States.

"Legalization and freedom" was a campaign promise by (then Senator) President Barack Obama that he repeated during his first year in office. A promise not fulfilled. Instead, we’ve seen thousands of arrests and a dramatic increase in deportations since the Bush Administration.

States such as Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma, and others have resorted to creating their own immigration laws, frustrated by the lack of action by Congress and their increase immigration enforcement. These attempts at creating “effective” local immigration law and enforcement has resulted in a contemptible local policies that encroach the civil liberties of all people, but more so, individuals who’s skin is not white, creating distrust of the same local law enforcement that is meant to protect them.

Latino evangelical churches, caught in the midst of this struggle, recognized that this problem adversely affects more than 37% of its church members. For thousands of Latino pastors, this is an exhausting political dilemma that is also full of complex spiritual and moral implications.

Church leaders are witness to families devastated by the brutal separation that occurs when confronted with the voluntary or forceful exile of good Christian people they have learned to love and respect. These Christians are being labeled as illegals, criminals, and drug lords, and now- in Arizona they will be pursued as criminals, assumed guilty by reason of skin color, economic background, and language until proven innocent.

Pastors have had enough! There is other recourse than to fight back and defend their flock; it’s a matter of principle, knowing it would be immoral to look the other way. Compelled by today’s heightened animosity and public rage against hard-working, Christian families, they will and must respond to the problem.

Peacefully, we’ve marched, fought through the courts, and now will move toward peaceful defiance by acting with civil disobedience in order to sustain momentum for real and just comprehensive immigration reform.

LEGALIZATION and FREEDOM, for undocumented immigrants has become our civil rights undertaking in the 21st century. We will fast, pray and increase activism by preparing and empowering Latino faith communities. Our numbers, and powerful voice are the tools we have available, and we will use them in greater force!

Conservative and influential Latino faith leaders support the sovereignty of our nation, its people’s freedom, values, and our safety, which is why we have supported greater border security initiatives.
Even so, we pray for a spiritual deliverance and a restoration of union in the United States and a greater tolerance for diversity and social acceptance for all.

We abandon ourselves under the core of all constitutional principles that guarantees Freedom of Expression and the Right to pursue liberty and happiness for all people notwithstanding race, faith gender or color of skin.

History tells that Anglo and black churches have accomplished great victories with similar actions but for Latino evangelical churches this is a new-fangled struggle.

Sadly, most of those who oppose a comprehensive solution to immigration reform that includes a path to legalization for the 11 million undocumented people in the United States suffer from attitudes of ignorance, racism, intolerance, and for a tainted few, a false sense of nationalist supremacy. These are the main factors that have stalled the many recent efforts to seek a practical solution to fix our broken immigration system and accomplish comprehensive reform.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress alike fear losing the support of their constituents; including the racially intolerant special interests that have successfully spread messages of fear, including sickening racially prejudiced views that accuse undocumented immigrants of being invaders, disease carriers, and Anglo-Saxon Culture Assault Terrorists with a hidden agenda to destroy Americans, take away their jobs, and commit crimes against them.

Cardinal Roger Mahoney was absolutely in his right to compare the Arizona immigration law to Nazism – it indeed takes us back to that atrocious era when people walked the Nazi patrolled streets in fear.

Another example, aside from the Arizona law that permits racial profiling is the National Identification Card, being considered as a component of immigration reform. This has bio-metric requirements that could develop into a complex database that would advance an agenda of citizenship fragmentation, another tactic that could be used to single out people of certain ethnic or racial backgrounds.

It is shameful to see the retrogressive practices by local policy makers, allowing certain forms of racial profiling, a powerful weapon that was once only used by intolerant law enforcement, yet is now being integrated into local and state laws as an allowable practice. It’s shocking to witness segregation and social inequality that is becoming more acceptable in our communities, schools and even throughout the allocation and implementation of social services.

Legal permanent residents in many states cannot vote and many elected officials are using this to their advantage, with false political rhetoric, thinking that once becoming elected there is nothing else that "those people" can do.

We must do more to become effective political activists and vocal constituents. Churches and community organizations need exposure to legislator's voting records. Voter's registration drives are a must and continuing applying pressure with peaceful actions of civil disobedience need to be exercised immediately. Court legal actions and becoming more vocal at local community council meetings is also a must. Elected officials at all levels must hear more and more about our struggle for Legalization and Freedom for all immigrants.

Churches and Christian oriented families should become "Sanctuary" for those in need of legal shelter and with special attention for children American citizens, whose parents are being deported.

We have being warned by President Obama about the lack of political commitment in Congress toward this matter. This cannot and will not stop us from moving forward and advocating for what is legally and morally right.

Learning to vote for independent candidates and empowering our communities with a local solid knowledge of every political affair affecting our neighbors, families and in the best interests of all Latinos (The New Americans) is a MUST.

Yes, today We Marched but the Undocumented Immigrant Civil Rights struggle has just begun.

Legislative solution seems many years apart. Moving forward with a pro active mission of learning English and becoming more knowledgeable about what America is truly all about, needs to start at every Latino kitchen table and our churches as well.

We will embark ourselves on a long journey of becoming better Americans. Our children should not learn to hate but should be encouraged to faithfully commit to be their best and embrace others into a path for a New America of the 21st. Century.

Yes, at stake is the future of our children; we must learn from our most prominent civil rights leaders to trust in our faith in GOD that we shall win this victory!

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